Most riders just want to do a little dressage and have some fun with their horse.  

That’s really what dressage is supposed to be - a method of teaching horses the most comfortable way to carry riders. When your horse is comfortable, relaxed, and carrying you easily, it’s easy for you to be comfortable and relaxed when riding him.  Then the two of you can enjoy the ride!

Yet virtually all dressage books and instruction are based upon the competitive model. They all use language, standards and exercises suitable for a Gran Prix rider on a fantastically expensive young horses, leaving the adult amateur on the amateur horse struggling.

The way to make dressage easy, relaxed, rational and fun is to train with the five first  tier  basics.   They  are:  go, stop,  turn in,  move out, and  soften. These basics are at  the core  of everything in dressage.  Once you have trained these, you create all of the figures, movements, and qualities by putting them together as necessary.

You don’t have to learn the 5 basics on advanced school masters, you can teach them to your  horse today  or  in the  next several days. As you do, your horse will begin to  understand the first tier basics and become responsive to your “aids” for them. Then, you will be able to make progress.

On this website you will find books, videos, a discussion group, information about lessons, clinics  and even Online Lessons all based on learning dressage using the five first tier basics, Go, Stop, Turn in, Move out, and Soften.

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place…

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