Video Lessons

With each passing year online  video lessons  are proving themselves more useful and effective.   

They are done with students video which we watch together using Skype. Whoever is playing the video shares their screen with the other person so we are watching exactly the same thing at the same moment.  During these sessions I can also show pictures and other video clips I have which demonstrates the correction I’m talking about in action.

Students all over the country and some as far as New Zealand who are making great progress with their horses using this approach.

Working with video adds the visual image to my comments in a way that you don’t get during regular lessons. During these sessions you have time to ask questions and take notes.  Sometimes we even refer to detailed instructions and illustrations from my books to help you with the suggested exercises.  Put together you have a comprehensive program to use for improving your riding and training your horse.

The videos don't have to be anything fancy, especially at the beginning when there is a lot of ground work and small figures to deal with.  some students have done very well just leaning their cell phone against a wall or rock and working in front of it.  

For more information please contact me directly.

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