MIKE SCHAFFER has worked as a professional horseman for decades, and has trained both horses and riders through the FEI levels. He is well-known for his skill at making difficult horses easier, and for transforming average horses into something special.

The publication of his first book Right From the Start - Create a Sane, Soft, Well-Balance Horse (Travalgar Square Publishers 2001) marked a shift in his emphasis to making dressage more accessible and understandable to the amateur owners and their horses.  

Mike published his second book, “Riding in the Moment - Discover the Hidden Language of Dressage”  independently in 2010 and it, like its predecessor has found wide acceptance.

Mike is located in eastern Pennsylvania.  He teaches and trains on a daily basis, and regularly gives clinics and seminars throughout the United States. In addition to maintaining an ongoing teaching presence on the internet with his web site www.mikeschaffer.com,  a blog, The Dressage Process and a discussion forum in the moment dressage.

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Mike Schaffer Dressage